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First of all, I should say that I come from a very good cheat so I had high expectations. For only $4 per month, price-quality is unmatched. This is by far the best for semi-rage & legit. Aimbot: At first the aimbot was a bit difficult to configure (getting used to the cheat's values etc) but once you get it right it's really responsive + legitimate + rage settings are very strong. Visuals: Very pretty and customizable, even the option to use custom chams materials from files, It has anything you wish for really. Grenade & Movement helpers: They function very well, grenade helper even has some default nade locations. (for the movement helper currently you'll have to make your own or ask somebody for it). Movement: A lot of movement options, for both legit & rage. Miscellaneous: feature-rich misc section. Skin-Changer: Responsive and customizable skin changer, encountered 0 bugs so far. (This is not an inventory changer + you don't have the option for custom skins (fade on ak for instance) ) LUA Support: Although memesesne has lua support (API can be fount at at the moment (1/30/23) there aren't really any publicly available lua scripts. (Not the cheat's fault) Configs: Different configs for skins and settings, no bugs whatsoever from my experience and import-export features. Injection: The injection is one of the quickest and easiest injections I've ever used. Loader: Nothing much to say, visually appealing. Trust-factor: NO trust factor issues from skin-changer, glow etc. (I haven't yet used fakelag & antiaim but from what others have said static aa can be used in mm with no issues)


To be honest I just love it. I've used it before and now I got a Subscription again. Please keep that great work up! If I needed to rate it it would be a 10/10


After playing with memesense for over 1 month and buyed it again i saw that memesense is a really good cheat for legit and semirage.I played on my main account with prime and medals and im not banned or red trusted.The legit bot is very good , visuals are very colorful and creative.The misc tab have all the options you need.And with the API you can make very good scripts.So if you need a budget cheat memesense is a good option. Discord : Because#8430


Yes. It is, i have 1 year old usage of my MemeSense Lifetime sub, and i still love it, it's powerful, i already tried a lot to get VAC banned or OverWatch banned with this cheat, using 180.0 FOV lookin down manually with Silent and 6 Fake-Lag on alt accounts and still no bans, thanks for doing this GREAT cheat! It is SO WORTH to buy it if you want to semirage or legit hacking, if you want to legit hacking without getting overwatch banned, i can say that you could only use 1, 2 or 3 ticks of backtrack on Aim-Assist and Sound ESP, and just play and have fun, MemeSense is great for legit hacking, i gotta say it is one, if not the best cheat i've ever used for legit hacking.


Memesense is 100% a great cheat, Its super under-priced given the features. Memesense is outstanding compared to most cheats, Even some private ones. Also many cheats have been giving red trust very consistently, Which is mostly why i came to memesense. It has absolutely 0 red trust issues (wouldn't recommend trying glow). Although i wish memesense's community was better established and more useful, example: lua's, movement, and grenades. Obviously you cant control that though lol. Thats pretty much it, Im gonna leave some suggestions in the other forum so check that out. Thanks memesense - Zonfu#0001


ood Cheat For Legit/Semi Doesn't Give Red Trust Which Is Great For Legit Cheating Visuals : 6/10 could be more LegitBot : 7/10 great Movement : 5/10 decent Menu :10/10 Price : 10/10 Overall : 8/10 Great sexy Cheat 23 Jan 2023 16:14