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What our customers are saying


Memesense is very nice overall, if some things are added it's awesome Support is awesome if you got any issue they will resolve it nearly instantly, they are very helpful and competent!


Cheat is great but 1. needs autostop 2. needs bhop 3. needs skinchanger ________________________ needs those


when i press binds for aw & af, it's just lockin' on head and isn't shooting


I just do not like how they say the cheat is lifetime but when i go to subscriptions it says that it expires in 2037 which is 12 years cheat would be way more cleaner if it said Expires : Lifetime instead of Expires : 2037 as 12 years is really not lifetime.


Memesense is a good cheat and has a lot of features, I like it. I think it's a good idea to add tracelines to throwables, so the throws can be more accurate.