Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CSGO Prime acc 750$ inv trade ban
Hi, wanna sell trade banned acc with csgo prime and inv for 750$, everything work normal expect trades because acc is trade banned Heres short video from inv: Steam profile: Rank: gold 1 Price: offers

29 Jan 2023 08:39

My discord: Criu$✯#1337

29 Jan 2023 08:40

sell it on lolz lol

29 Jan 2023 11:18

Maybe put inventory open?? bc a private inv only makes it sussy bro and the video has completly other profile pic and name so no proof xd

29 Jan 2023 21:27

Because it's trade banned and can't be public? Video is a 1 month old that's why

30 Jan 2023 02:25