Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
might as well share with yall my config collection
1464D19B9E6E59A854029C209CAA8326 - ultra legit, with 4tick backtrack and very visible chams. perfect for undetected-by-overwatch cheating. 3521852D118CF92AB5F0894843D3296A - legit, backtrack, wh, all the bells and whistles without much going on. A7842E4FCD494E5FE89D46EA5F06AADF - legit-semirage, when u are losing, and you want to spice things up a little without using semirage 9E920D4B327F53A56318C3CAEE580221 - semirage. i never used it, cuz i dont wanna get banned. but its what i have. 92C0FB5ED6DB68D9786A7197AB2590C8 - rage. decent for hvh. SKDF40F3AA957954E0DD8BA687D163 - my skin loadout. ik its shit, but i lowkey like it. i call it "the 5 cent loadout" :) GUYS IMPORTANT NOTE!!!! PLEASE if you have some praiseworthy configs worth sharing, please share it here. thanx :)

23 Jan 2023 17:13

thx man

24 Jan 2023 07:04

semi 8AA3A5CB8B55B7E43B110C634F8F67ED

24 Jan 2023 07:08


25 Jan 2023 05:27

does backtrack not flag your account for red trust?

28 Jan 2023 04:34