Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Selling prime csgo acc good for main
Hi I have a cool acc with prime for sale which includes 2100h Almost 600 wins Global and lem on wingman 31 steam level Nice animated profile A lot of +reps 500+ recommendations in csgo 10k Steam points available to spend Market and friends inv unlocked 10€ in inventory 8 medals 100+ paid games Steam profile: Contact: Criu$✯#1337

03 Jun 2023 10:13

how much do you want?

03 Jun 2023 11:45

I got offer 30$ so i can sell it rn for 31 xd

03 Jun 2023 11:57


04 Sep 2023 04:10

This person "crius" is banned on multiple cheats and multiple forums for scamming people using the exact same steam account, Do not deal with this person.

04 Sep 2023 16:14

ty @Clark

04 Sep 2023 16:19